Works by Ledelle Moe, Berverly McIver, Stan Allen, Stephen Antonakos, and Llyn Foulkes.

The Academy presents two exhibitions annually. The Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts, which begins in March and ends in April, is a group show of works by approximately thirty contemporary artists who are candidates for the Academy's art awards and purchase program.

The Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards opens in May to coincide with the Ceremonial, and ends in June. It includes art, architecture, books, manuscripts, and musical scores.

The Charles Ives Studio is a faithful replica of the room originally located on the ground floor of the Ives home in Redding, CT, where the renowned American composer Charles Ives worked for the last forty years of his life. It was there, on the studio's modest upright piano, that Ives composed and finished several major works, including Three Places in New England, The Fourth Symphony, The Second Orchestral Set, The Fourth Violin Sonata, and about 40 songs. In 2012, Charles Ives's grandson, Charles Ives Tyler, donated the entire contents of the studio to the Academy for a permanent exhibition in our third-floor galleries. The Studio is open during the Academy's annual exhibitions and by appointment.

Exhibitions are free and open to the public. A schedule of this year's exhibitions can be found on the menu to the left.